It's not a game --

it's an experience

Based on the principals and practice of Shari Foos' award-winning Narrative MethodDIY Human Cards create  opportunities for participants to interact and connect with one another through the power of personal storytelling.

Radical human connection awaits.

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DIY Human Cards

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DIY Human Cards are powerful tools for offsites, workshops and conferences. Our expertise is in fostering diversity and inclusion, team-building, empathy, and collaboration. Perfect as an icebreaker.

What is the purpose

of DIY Human Cards?

The DIY Human Cards were born out of necessity when an excited graduate of one of our programs approached us with gratitude. “This course was life changing—but what are we supposed to do now?”

The DIY Human Cards have prompts based on The Narrative Method’s 12 Core Concepts. You can use them with a group of strangers, colleagues, family, friends. You can also try them with one other person or on your own as writing prompts.

We created a compelling group experience that folks can do on their own without professional training. It’s fun, yet meaningful enough to evoke and sustain deep conversation and camaraderie.


"Kickstarting Connection

has never felt so effortless..."

At DIY Human we share stories and big ideas. We defy the rules that say we should be polite rather than real. And we challenge the media, institutions and culture that taught us to deny our own gut to conform to other people's ideas of what matters.

It's not a game, it's an experience-- a fascinating, connective and expansive experience.

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©2020 DIY Human is a project of The Narrative Method, an award-winning non-profit offering programs that increase empathy and expand perspectives for many underserved communities, including veterans, youth and homeless. TNM also works in healthcare, higher education and K-12 teachers’ continuing education.