DIY Human has captured many of the moments that showcase the work that we do on film.

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DIYH Connects at Canyon Creek

Shari and the DIYH Team travel to Lake Hughes, CA to grow connections within a local bereavement group.

DIYH Cards Animation 1

"What close call were you lucky to survive?"

DIYH Cards Animation 3

"Talk about a time you witnessed the act of an unknown hero..."

DIYH Connects at NYU LA

Shari and the DIYH Team kickoff NYU LA's spring semester with radical human connection.

DIYH Cards Animation 2

"When did an idea everyone thought was crazy actually work out?"

The Narrative Slam

One of DIYH earlier pilot programs, Shari Foos leads and inspires radical human connection for each participant..

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©2020 DIY Human is a project of The Narrative Method, an award-winning non-profit offering programs that increase empathy and expand perspectives for many underserved communities, including veterans, youth and homeless. TNM also works in healthcare, higher education and K-12 teachers’ continuing education.