Creating community, empathy and lasting connections within your workplace​.

DIY Human can aid your team through...

Speaking & Addresses 

Shari and the DIY Human Team will meet you and your staff at a desired location to speak & share on the fundamentals of community, empathy and the power of radical connection.

Out of Office:

Retreats & Conferences

Shari and the DIY Human Team will travel and meet you and your team at the destination of your choosing to lead your staff through The DIY Human Experience, a series of empathy building and connection enforcing exercises that create long lasting community.

We Come to You

Shari and the DIY Human Team come to your office or destination of your choosing and engage your staff in exercises that create lasting community and empathy within your workplace.


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©2020 DIY Human is a project of The Narrative Method, an award-winning non-profit offering programs that increase empathy and expand perspectives for many underserved communities, including veterans, youth and homeless. TNM also works in healthcare, higher education and K-12 teachers’ continuing education.