So, What is DIY Human Trying to Accomplish?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Life is hard. And we’re all just trying to survive in a crazy world. It’s a lot easier when we do it together.

As crucial as one-on-one relationships are, most of us don’t get to practice being

ourselves in groups. Whether it’s because we had dysfunctional family dynamics or

traumatic experiences with authorities or peers, we learn to defend ourselves more than

we need to.

At DIY Human we create a safe environment where you can walk right in and feel like you’re chatting with old friends.

At DIY Human we expect to connect and we expect to "get" each other.

For whatever differences we may have, we are all living in a culture that shames us into believing that we’ll never live up to some unattainable norm. But when you slow down, close your eyes and get connected to who you really are, it’s easy to put aside your assumptions

and meet people with your real voice.

We call this starting in the middle of love.

Groups provide a powerful reality check once you realize that that we all have the same

basic emotions and struggles, regardless of where we’ve come from or where we’ve

been. And when you discover that even strangers can feel the way you do—you start to see

that maybe you’re not crazy, maybe you’re just responding to a crazy culture.

At DIY Human we share stories and ideas. We defy the rules that say we should be polite rather than real. And we challenge the media, institutions and culture that taught

us to deny our own gut to conform to other people’s ideas of what matters.

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