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Building Empathy, Diversity + Inclusion

in your Communities

DIY Human Cards

“Love, love, love the DIY Human Cards. It’s The Narrative Method experience made accessible to anyone, anywhere.”

–Niobe Way, Professor of Applied Psychology, New York University


“I think they will start a million conversations that will result in communication, growth, connection and hugs.”

-Dan Rothblatt, Executive VP, Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles


“It has such original, smart, practical, loving, soothing, challenging content-with empathy and without judgment.”

–Dr. Marisa C. Weiss, Chief Medical Officer and Founder of

The DIY Human Cards are a fun, engaging way to bring communities together for radical human connection. Based on the award-winning nonprofit, The Narrative Method, the cards create a connective experience that breaks down walls and builds empathy. Participants come away with a thoughtful understanding of each other, a deep respect for different perspectives, and a sense of belonging.


The DIY Human Cards are an inviting, non-judgmental experience of depth and connection that combats the loneliness and isolation many students feel today.


Ideal for orientations, community-building events, off-sites, alumni events and retreats.


The deck contains 62 cards, each with a provocative idea and a prompt leading to a personal story. They are simple enough for anyone to use and meaningful enough to evoke and sustain deep conversations and camaraderie.