Our Goal: 

To help individuals & organizations better connect with themselves and the world around them.

What is DIY Human?

DIY Human is an experiential program that uses stories to help individuals increase empathy, connect deeply and develop the skills to create more meaningful relationships.

Participants learn how to put themselves aside, absorb new points of view and imagine the world through the eyes of another. With increased awareness, they challenge their automatic assumptions and kneejerk reactions. Doing so expands their tolerance for differences, leading to new perspectives about what may be possible for themselves, each and the world.

What inspired DIY Human?

DIY Human is a multi-disciplinary philosophy and practice, inspired by the values of social justice and the power of storytelling to connect us and evoke our humanity.

The Power of Storytelling - DIY Human is based on the power of personal storytelling, which has been the foundation of every civilization throughout time. Stories help us connect, understand each other and pass on the traditions that sustain society. Because stories are essential to our survival, we are hardwired to give and receive them. In fact, fMRI (Functional magnetic resonance imaging) scans show that the brains of both storyteller and listener synchronize. 

The stories we tell define the way we see ourselves and the world, which is why DIY Human invites participants to revisit their old narratives and the beliefs they were built upon. Challenging false or negative stories can bring wisdom to old wounds, helping us develop a new understanding of ourselves.

DIY Human's Goals are to expand and improve:

Awareness of

self and others

Authentic self-expression

Wonder &curiosity

Perspective on self, others and the world

Empathy and tolerance

for differences

Discovery of new ideas and possibilities

Speaking and listening skills

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©2020 DIY Human is a project of The Narrative Method, an award-winning non-profit offering programs that increase empathy and expand perspectives for many underserved communities, including veterans, youth and homeless. TNM also works in healthcare, higher education and K-12 teachers’ continuing education.