A deeply connective experience of conversation, 

stories, laughs and the rare opportunity to 

be seen and respected for who you really are. 

Particularly now, we need to communicate with 

non-judgmental love, tolerance and the expectation

of mutual understanding. By humbly putting

ourselves aside we can share each others’

perspectives and appreciate our differences. 

   This is what it means to be human.       

This is what we need to thrive. 

Thursday, July 16       5:00-6:15 pm PDT

no late admittance 

Does this sound familiar?

"We've merged and are struggling to blend cultures."

"My team won't listen to one another."

"People are disengaged from the work and each other."

"Nobody wants to meet face-to-face."

We provide the tools that close the Communication Gap 

Profound, inspiring and fun, DIYH's award-winning programs

broaden perspectivesincrease empathy

to create a truly connected workplace.

What are the Benefits of Working with DIY Human?

Clearer Communication

Deeper Connections

Empathic Cooperation

The Power of Storytelling

Stories cut through barriers and differences in language, race, religion, values and customs. They connect us deeply, entertain, soothe and inspire us to broaden our perspectives. Hearing each others stories can change our minds and evolve our thinking. And when we put ourselves aside to empathize with another, we create mutual understanding and appreciation.


"I want to do something on my own that will help my team connect!"


Facilitate your own group


"I want the DIY Human Team to come and work with my staff!"


We'll come to you

Who we work with

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©2020 DIY Human is a project of The Narrative Method, an award-winning non-profit offering programs that increase empathy and expand perspectives for many underserved communities, including veterans, youth and homeless. TNM also works in healthcare, higher education and K-12 teachers’ continuing education.